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School Staffing Agencies 101: How They Work and Why to Use Them

Author: Darian Khalilpour
Date: August 10, 2023
Tags: Educational, Educational Staffing

Finding qualified and dedicated school-based professionals is no small feat, especially for school districts in less populated areas. That’s where school staffing agencies, like Amergis, can help to find educational staffing and address school staffing shortages. Staffing agencies that specialize in education help your school secure qualified employees to not only fill open positions and mitigate school staffing shortages, but also ensure a great school year for both staff and students.

What Are School Staffing Agencies?

If you’ve never worked with school staffing agencies before, you might be unfamiliar with the benefits they can provide your school. Let’s dive in — a school staffing agency connects educational institutions with qualified professionals for various positions as part of their educational staffing services. These positions could include teachers, school counselors, nurses, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), school psychologists, and more. Essentially, the agency links available, qualified professionals with schools looking to fill positions. They facilitate all the processes involved with a new employee. School staffing agencies will recruit, interview, screen, negotiate salary and benefits packages, hire, and facilitate onboarding of the professional with the school.

What Are the Benefits of Using School Staffing Agencies?

With school staffing shortages prevalent across the country right now, utilizing an agency is the most efficient school staffing solution to fill positions. Right now, the most acute shortages are in SLPs, school psychologists, special education, and STEM teachers. Utilizing an agency’s wide talent pool to find candidates in harder-to-come-by positions can help your school quickly and efficiently fill departmental gaps. “If a school has a position to fill immediately, we are much more equipped to be able to fill it compared to the relatively small recruitment teams available to them within a district,” said Leah Maravich, regional director at Amergis Educational Staffing. “We have such a robust pool of applicants and abundance of resources. Chances are we have someone from our candidate database to pull from right away.”

This also takes stress and time commitment away from your administrative team, so they can focus on the day-to-day operations of the school. And by leveraging their extensive networks of talent, school staffing agencies can ensure that only the most qualified and dedicated candidates are presented to your team for consideration. If a position becomes unexpectedly vacant (i.e., an employee goes out on maternity leave), school staffing agencies can help you by identifying professionals to fill those vacancies.

Are you looking for qualified school-based professional? Explore how Amergis Educational Staffing can help your school with its staffing needs.

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