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Building brighter futures

For over 20 years, Amergis Educational Staffing has transformed the lives of thousands by committing to a collaborative approach to staffing solutions.

Meet our team

Greg Steiner

Senior Vice President

Jadd Martinez

Vice President of Sales

Leah Maravich

Vice President of Sales

Ryan Lamping

Vice President of Sales

Jeremiah Lee

Senior Director of Division Strategy

We aim to become a partner you trust

We don’t just find you staffing, we aim to become an integral partner dedicated to the success of your school and students. This helps us proactively recognize your needs and how to best meet them.

We’re always there

Whether facilities need a last-minute substitute or a longer-term placement, our 100+ dedicated education teams are available around the clock to find you the perfect solution. We’re not just an educational staffing agency, we’re your readily available on-call supportive resource.

Improved solutions

Our teams are constantly improving our recruitment strategies, building relationships with the most talented educators and utilizing cutting-edge technology to get them placed.


We offer competitive pay, benefits packages, and flexible scheduling options, to ensure our school-based professionals feel valued and content.

Awards and recognition

The Amergis experience

Local presence, national reach

Some things are just better in person. That’s why we make it a priority to meet with our clients face-to-face and greet our school-based professionals on their first day. With over 70 offices across the country, we’re nearby and ready to help.

Custom solutions built by experts

We know our stuff. Our specialized teams are led by subject matter experts and clinical specialists who understand your day-to-day needs. We deliver tailored staffing solutions and provide training in school nursing, behavioral services, and more.

Our recruitment style

We look for those hidden gems to create that perfect fit for both our candidates and hiring managers. We take the time to scour our networks, drive referrals, and build lasting relationships, connecting school-based professionals to the best opportunities available.

Comprehensive offerings

Yes, we’re able to fill an extensive range of positions and modalities for school systems. But, we are especially proud of our in-house clinical infrastructure. Unique to staffing, our clinicians focus on quality, training and clinical support.

Innovative workforce solutions

We know agencies can do better. Driven by shortcomings we’ve seen in the market, our technology and MSP solutions offer a streamlined, transparent experience for simple-to-complex workforce solutions.

Investing in your success

We prioritize our team’s visions and goals because it directly impacts your business. Our people are passionate and truly care about what they do, which makes all the difference. We value face-to-face interactions and building connections.

Our core values

We exemplify servant leadership

Leadership is about putting the needs of others first, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping uplift both our candidates and clients.

We promote diversity & inclusion

Build trust with one another in order to create an inclusive workplace that respects each individual’s diverse perspectives and experiences

We win with integrity & trust

Our success is dependent on the results of our dedicated team members who make compliance a top priority and take pride in winning the right way

We prioritize quality

Understand our commitment to the delivery of quality service is what differentiates us and fosters excellence

We invest in development

We believe in the continuous development of ourselves and our teams in order to thrive and reach our goals

We champion innovation

We embrace new methods including the development and adoption of new technologies as it is critical to our efficiency and effectiveness

We drive for results

We are passionate about exceeding our goals – steadfastly driving results and working together to continuously improve performance

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