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Investing in your success

We tailored a suite of dynamic proprietary trainings designed to equip your school staff with the knowledge and skills they need for success.

School nurse virtual orientation

Setting school nurses up for success

This orientation equips nurses with the essential skills and knowledge to handle the most common healthcare cases encountered in schools.

Outlined topics

  • Identify issues unique to the school setting
  • Identify keys to success in your practice
  • Discuss professionalism & boundaries
  • Identify abuse warning signs and proper reporting protocol
  • Identify and discuss common medical issues in the special education population
  • Review and practice nursing procedure performed in the school setting

Clinical support

RN School Support Specialists are available along the way to support nurses in the school space.

Covered conditions

In this course, nurses will cover everything from diabetic and seizure management to G-tube and catheterizations.

Our nurses

Amergis school nurses are trained to be an asset to both schools and students.

Crisis prevention training

Created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

This training covers responding to crisis behaviors, implementing verbal and hands-off de-escalation strategies, and effectively managing post crisis interventions and evaluations.

Outlined topics

  • Functions of Behavior
  • Environmental Manipulations
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Behavioral Escalation Cycle
  • Tyles of Communication
  • Verbal Escalation Cycle
  • Risk Assessment
  • Physical Blocking and Redirecting Skills
  • Physical Escape and Safety Skills
  • Post Crisis Actions

School setting crisis management

This training is designed for school-based settings, ensuring professionals are prepared for most situations that could arise

Well-rounded knowledge

Our professionals can also support one-to-one, early intervention, mainstream inclusion, adaptive learning skills, and any other unique special education program your school is offering.

Our behavior technicians

All Amergis BTs are required to complete this training, and come with the knowledge to be flexible additions to your instructional team.

Behavioral health technician training

Review school behavior analysis strategies

We use ABA principles to provide a comprehensive review of behavior analysis strategies that school-based professionals can use in the school setting. The training covers roles and responsibilities of a behavioral professional in the school environment, how to maintain professionalism, how to provide trauma informed care, and verbal de-escalation strategies.

School-based professionals

Educational clients

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