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School workforce management made simple

…at no extra cost to you.

Amergis is pleased to offer MaxView, an online dashboard that allows you to easily approve timecards, open new positions, keep track of candidates, and consolidate invoices.

This simple, convenient technology is an added benefit. Not only will you continue to receive personalized account management by your Amergis team, you can save time and money by viewing progress at any time to eliminate administrative back-and-forth.

Set-up is easy and only requires an account to log in. Ask your Amergis team how to get started today!


Facilities, clinics, and schools served


Fasting hiring and onboarding compared to traditional methods


Timecards submitted each month

How MaxView helps with managing your workforce

Our innovative workforce staffing technology simplifies the search for qualified educators, school-based professionals, and support staff, all while enhancing cost control. This frees you up to focus on what matters most – the success of your students.

Quarterly reporting and analytics

Use real-time data to optimize your staffing strategies. With quarterly reporting, you can instantly analyze substitute fill rates, long-term staffing trends, and cost-effectiveness.

Candidate status portal

No more scattered information. View open positions, candidate pipelines, active staff credentials, schedules, and pay rates – all within one centralized dashboard.

Electronic timekeeping

Say goodbye to old timekeeping methods. Our secure, web-based system allows staff to submit timesheets from any device, while streamlining the approval process for administrators.

Communications hub

Reduce email overload and boost collaboration. Our communications hub keeps your team connected for swift problem-solving and efficient coordination.

Job posting

Effortlessly find the perfect candidates. Post an open position on MaxView, and qualified school-based professionals instantly receive notifications through our MaxView Jobs app.

MaxView Jobs™

Enjoy flexibility, find school jobs when you want

We’re transforming the job search experience for school-based professionals through our MaxView Jobs app. Take control of your career with these benefits:

Our mobile jobs app puts you in control. Discover open shifts at your fingertips, pick up work whenever it suits you, and seamlessly manage your schedule on the go. Plus, you can track applications, complete onboarding, and monitor hours and pay – all from your phone. With MaxView Jobs professionals can experience the freedom of flexible educational staffing.

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