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Maxim Healthcare Staffing is Now Amergis

Author: Kayla Baines
Date: April 7, 2024
Tags: Brand, Educational Staffing, News

Rebrand Solidifies Organization’s Independence, Recognizes Expanded Education Services

COLUMBIA, Maryland (April 8, 2024) – Maxim Healthcare Staffing, a leading provider of health care staffing solutions for more than 35 years, is now Amergis, heralding a new era of excellence in health care staffing solutions. The company announced the name change today, and an expansion of its education staffing division, Amergis Educational Staffing.

“Our name has changed, and the logo is different, but what remains is our commitment to connecting people to work that matters and helping our clients find the right staffing solutions for their unique challenges.”

Bill Butz, President of Amergis

The decision to rebrand is a direct result of the company’s commitment to clarity and alignment, recognizing the need to eliminate confusion with Maxim Healthcare Services, its similarly-named sister organization. As Maxim Healthcare Services assists patients in home and school settings, distinguishing between the two organizations’ respective services became paramount. Additionally, Amergis’ services extend beyond the health care industry and the previous name no longer fully encapsulated the company’s scope and mission.

The name Amergis is derived from the words “adapt” and “merge” reflecting the company’s efforts to merge highly-talented professionals with clients’ existing teams and their ability to adapt in order to meet their needs.

A Unified Brand for Diverse Services

Amergis specializes in staffing nurses, allied health professionals, behavioral health professionals, locum tenens and medical coders for hospitals, schools, government health programs, correctional facilities and managed care organizations.

Amergis’ robust suite of staffing solutions across various sectors includes:

  • Amergis Healthcare Staffing
  • Amergis Educational Staffing
  • Amergis Government Staffing
  • Amergis Locum Tenens
  • Amergis Revenue Cycle Services

This brand system emphasizes Amergis’ commitment to exceptional talent, quality delivery, and dedicated support across all its specialized divisions.

A Unique Solution for Educational Staffing

In addition to the organization’s healthcare staffing services for a variety of industry sectors, the newly expanded Amergis Educational Staffing will offer:

“We are dedicated to easing the burden on school staff by providing reliable, qualified professionals to fill absences and long-term positions,” affirmed Butz. “Our commitment to understanding each school’s culture and expectations, coupled with effective communication, is our top priority.”

About Amergis

Since 1988, Amergis has connected the nation’s top talent to a variety of healthcare partners. We specialize in creating meaningful career opportunities for healthcare professionals including nurses, allied health professionals, locum tenens, travel nurses, and medical coders. We also work with a variety of facilities including hospitals, schools, government programs, correction facilities, and managed care organizations. Amergis achieved a pioneering certification with the Joint Commission in 2008 and has since evolved into one of the foremost healthcare staffing companies in the United States. Our commitment to a higher standard of service has fueled our growth and enabled us to establish offices in 32 states, solidifying our nationwide and local presence.

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