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Exploring the MaxView Workforce Management Dashboard

Author: Darian Khalilpour
Date: May 14, 2024
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At Amergis Educational Staffing, we understand the challenges that come with managing a diverse and dynamic workforce in the education settings. That’s why we’ve developed MaxView, an innovative online dashboard designed to streamline and optimize your staffing. We’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive list of workforce management features tailored to meet the needs of our clients and professionals. So to allow all our active clients to experience the benefits of MaxView, we’ve given them full access to the platform. To help you navigate the MaxView dashboard, we put together this guide of the platform’s features and how they can help your organization.

Benefits of MaxView

Before diving into MaxView’s features, let’s start with how its simplified technology helps you with workforce management. MaxView offers our clients a host of benefits, including:

MaxView Features Overview

Home Screen
The MaxView Home Screen is your command center, providing instant access to the information you need most. With customizable widgets and intuitive navigation, you can tailor your dashboard to your specific needs, ensuring that key data is always at your fingertips. It also features an announcements widget that helps keep you informed about important maintenance and system updates.

Total Professionals
Keep track of your Active Healthcare Professionals with ease with the Total Professionals feature. It offers valuable insights into your workforce like the number of Local and Travel Professionals, the distribution of professionals across worksites and active certifications. This information helps you make data-driven decisions about resource allocation, ensuring you have enough professionals in the right places to meet your needs.

Stay on top of your contingent labor expenses with the Invoiced feature. Select specific worksites, time periods, and certifications to generate detailed reports on your spending, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your budget.

Managing open and pending positions has never been simpler. With the Positions feature, you can view high-level details for each position, track the number of positions remaining to be filled, and even request new positions with the ability to add comments and attachments.

Submittals / Placements
Streamline your candidate onboarding process with the Submittals / Placements feature. Approve or reject candidate submittals, view attachments, and monitor each stage of the onboarding process, from credentialing to active assignments and beyond. This centralized system gives you real-time visibility into the status of each candidate, reducing time-to-fill, and ensuring compliance with all necessary requirements.

Shift Scheduler
Take control of your shift management with the Shift Scheduler. Request new shifts for open positions and manage shifts in various statuses, including open, filled, unfilled, and canceled, all from one centralized location.

Manage Timecards
Say goodbye to paper timecards and hello to electronic timecard management. With the Manage Timecards feature, you can approve or reject timecards, even via email, reducing errors and eliminating the hassle of illegible handwriting. Plus, with GPS and QR scanning capabilities, you can ensure accurate and efficient time tracking.

MaxView Jobs Mobile Application
Empower your healthcare and school-based professionals with the MaxView Jobs mobile app. Users can view and apply for open positions, accept and self-schedule per diem shifts, complete onboarding documentation, and access the Timekeeping feature to enter shift times, all from their mobile devices.

Future Enhancements

Even though MaxView already offers a comprehensive set of workforce management tools, we are always working on updates to enhance your experience. This includes refining MaxView’s current features, like improving reporting capabilities, and adding new tools including a Communication Hub for messaging and alerts, a Credentialing module that allows you to view documents and track expirations, and an Invoicing section to access past invoices and track statuses. These enhancements highlight our team’s adaptability and commitment to providing you with the innovative tools you need to optimize your workforce operations. We are excited to continue developing new features and enhancements that better serve your needs and help you succeed.

See MaxView in Action

Are you intrigued by the features MaxView offers, but would still like to see it in action? Contact Amergis today to schedule a free demo and see what our workforce management dashboard can do for you!

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