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Eliminate These 4 Common Stressors of Staffing an Educational Institution

Author: Sonali Sitaram
Date: August 4, 2022
Tags: Educational, Educational Staffing, Hiring, Staffing

Keeping an educational facility fully staffed with qualified professionals and maintaining a low turnover rate might seem nearly impossible at times. Unfortunately, these days it’s more difficult than ever before. The good news is that an educational staffing agency can identify excellent candidates and accelerate the hiring process.

Amergis Educational Staffing is a staffing company that connects highly-qualified candidates with educational institutions and avoid the most common stressors of staffing these facilities. Our team can help you find the right person for available positions whether you work in a:

“Every school has a need right now,” said Ryan Lamping, Regional Director of Business Development for Educational Services at Amergis. “Now more than ever, the shortage of quality educational professionals is putting a strain on schools across the country.” For assistance staffing your educational facility, reach out to Amergis online today by completing our convenient online form and eliminating some of the most common stressors of staffing an educational institution.

4 Common Stressors of Staffing an Educational Institution

1. Chronic Understaffing

There are many reasons why educational facilities are prone to staffing issues, including a national shortage of qualified professionals, fluctuating district requirements, and changing student needs from year to year. Being understaffed affects so many aspects of an educational institution including lower-quality instruction for students and decreased morale among the staff. That’s why a staffing agency can be so crucial to students’ and staff’s success.

“We support school districts when they are struggling to maintain a staff internally or can’t find the qualified staff they need,” said Leah Maravich, Regional Director of Educational Services at Amergis. “We have such a robust pool of applicants and an abundance of resources. Chances are we have someone from our candidate database to pull from right away.” Staffing agencies such as Amergis can fill almost any position at an educational facility, including but not limited to:

2. Not Meeting Requirements for Students’ IEPs

An IEP, also known as an individualized education plan, is a legal document that outlines how a school plans to meet a student’s special needs and help them achieve their academic goals. “There are many requirements associated with IEPs and more and more students are receiving that type of personalized care each year, which leads to even more requirements for facilities,” said Maravich. “When a student needs services based on their IEP, there are laws that mandate those services must be available for students. If a position goes unfilled and the services are not available, the school can face disciplinary action, funding cuts, and other fines.” By filling open positions as quickly as possible with a staffing agency, there is less of a chance that students’ IEP goals will not be met.

3. Lack of Flexibility

One of the drawbacks of traditional methods of staffing is that once a position is filled, it is challenging to replace someone if they leave abruptly. When using education staffing assistance from an agency, it’s much more of a “try before you buy” approach. “With an agency, you can hire contractors for a specified time,” said Maravich. “You can ask us for a replacement if it doesn’t work out or we can work toward getting someone permanently employed if it’s a great fit. There’s flexibility there to find the best long-term fit for the job.”

4. The Cost of Hiring More Employees

Taking on more employees in a traditional hiring process brings associated costs that hiring more temporary professionals or contractors does not. Maravich said, “In education, when you hire somebody, that’s your employee now. With a staffing agency, you can hire contractors. It’s cost-effective, particularly for higher-level positions and temporary positions.”

Avoid the Stress of Staffing an Educational Institution with Amergis Educational Staffing

If your educational facility is in need of skilled and experienced professionals, reach out to our team of recruiters online today. We can streamline the hiring process so that you can focus on what really matters, which is the education of your students. Partner with Amergis Educational Staffing today and give your students the outstanding support and instruction they deserve.

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