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5 Tips for Hiring First-Year Teachers

Author: Darian Khalilpour
Date: June 14, 2023
Tags: Educational Staffing, Teaching

As a school administrator, one of the most important decisions you will make is hiring teaching staff — these roles are vital to the performance of your school district and the success of your students. Hiring seasoned professionals for teaching jobs may be your goal but it’s important not to overlook first-year candidates searching for teaching jobs, especially as most states in the U.S. face shortages in both general and special education teacher hiring. “It is a misnomer that this generation of teachers are just going to job hunt and move around from job to job,” said Ryan Lamping, regional director of business development at Amergis Educational Staffing. “Try to see through that stereotype,” he said. “These are teachers; they are very likely here because they truly want to be a teacher, not for the money or the job perks like some other industries.”

Tips for Hiring First-Year Teachers

While new teachers lack long-term experience, they often bring energy to the classroom, an unparalleled passion for teaching, and fresh ideas to your school district. But there are a few key things to look for when hiring new graduates to ensure you’re getting the best teachers who will make the biggest impact on your students and your district. Here are five tips to help you find the right first-year teachers for your school.

Tip 1: Identify their passion and potential
When hiring a first-year teacher, it’s important to look beyond their limited experience and focus on their potential. Look for candidates who are passionate about teaching and demonstrate a commitment to their students. Suggest that the candidate create and teach a sample lesson to see their passion in action. A first-year teacher who is enthusiastic and eager to learn can be an asset to both the school and the students. By framing your interview questions to reveal their passion, you’ll gain a better idea of their future potential.

Tip 2: Evaluate their training and education to predict long-term success
While experience is important, training and education are also key factors to consider when hiring first-year teachers. Look for candidates who have completed a reputable teacher training program and have a solid educational background. Do they have any specialized training in areas such as special education or ESL (English as a Second Language)? Are they certified in-state? Research shows that in-state certification status is a strong predictor of a teacher’s likelihood of remaining in the profession.

Tip 3: Prioritize adaptability and growth mindset
Teaching can be a demanding job, and first-year teachers often face unexpected challenges. Look for candidates who exhibit adaptability and a growth mindset. Ask questions that gauge their ability to handle changes, learn from failures, and seek continuous professional development.

Tip 4: Look for candidates with soft skills that meet your needs
Obtaining a degree in education isn’t enough to be a successful teacher. During the interview process, evaluate qualities that go beyond training and education, such as openness to feedback, communication abilities, organizational skills, a commitment to continuous learning, and creativity. Nearly 75% of students say they see teachers as mentors and role models — that’s not because of the degree they hold! Technical skills can be taught, but a candidate’s personality and character can give you better insight into their future success as a teacher.

Tip 5: Provide support and be patient
First-year teachers often face a learning curve as they learn to navigate the school setting. Offering support can make first-year teachers feel like they have resources to help them as they learn more about the classroom. It is also important to be patient, and allow new teachers the chance to develop their skills and learn what practices are effective for helping their students succeed.

Hiring first-year teachers requires careful consideration and evaluation. By following these tips, you can build a strong team of new educators who are committed to providing a high-quality educational experience to your students.

Rely on Amergis Educational Staffing When Hiring First-Year Teachers

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