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Clinical Excellence

Helping to provide the best quality school-based professionals

Our school-based clinical team is composed of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and school nursing specialists.

Through their expertise, we create a safe and supportive atmosphere aimed to collaborate on crisis intervention and competency assessment efforts.

Benefits for our school-based candidates

We provide in-depth competency testing for various positions to ensure success.

  • Expand your experience
  • Quarterly clinical newsletter
  • Candidate app for searching new opportunities
  • Navigate professional development
  • Network with colleagues

School nurse virtual orientation

Every school nurse is required to attend orientation before starting their first day. This curriculum reviews the most common healthcare cases encountered in schools.

Crisis prevention training

Created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), behavior technicians are training to successfully respond to a variety of crisis situations and implement de-escalation strategies.

Behavioral health technician training

Review ABA principles that can be used in any school setting, and develop strategies to tackle students’ behavioral and emotional challenges.

Benefits for clients

Keeping our school-based professionals prepared for common situations they may face.

  • Risk mitigation and quality focused
  • Access to informed data-driven workforce solutions
  • Proactive approach to challenges
  • Tailored solutions based on specialized knowledge
  • Confidence in staff qualifications
  • Understanding of market competitiveness

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